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When Seawater Laps at The Steps of The New York Stock Exchange...

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This article originally appeared on September 17, 2008 at JamesMcGillis.com...

Lately, have you had difficulty keeping track of time?  Do you have to stop and ask yourself whether it is spring or fall?  If so, do not be alarmed.  It is simply your first step on a path towards spiritual enlightenment.  It is not so much that your “forgetting” is good.  The good is that you are loosening the insidious bonds of time from your life.  If we are slaves to the clock or the calendar, we remove serendipity from our lives.

When we finally do “let go”, either at death or sooner, if we so choose, the resulting energy shift may be traumatic or sublime.  That depends on how far we have come along our spiritual path before unforeseen events take us rapidly to a new-energy place.  All that is required is a smile and a heady whiff from the smelling salts of gnost before we take the plunge or ascend to dimensions unknown.

If fear and old energy concerns hold you back, that is OK.  It may not be time for you to step forward and consciously intersect with all that this life and our universe have to offer.  In the U.S., even the fear mongers have taken up the mantra of hope and change.  They may recognize the power of the rhetoric, but embracing the reality of change is too great a stretch for the unaware or the unenlightened.  Old-energy power does not prevail in the new-energy world.
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If you have followed what we call the “spiritual movement” over the past several years, or if you are an Oprah fan, you have heard many new terms, such as New Earth, Spirit, New Energy, God Within, Source Energy and Quantum Leap.  If you recognize even three or four of these terms, you are shifting your awareness and awakening to your own spiritual path.

None of this need be a problem for you or your loved ones.  The situation stems from an agreement that you made with yourself, prior to birth.  Simply put, you decided to forget your divine origins and to plunge deeply into the “reality” of the physical world in which we live.  For quite a while, that was fine.  However, deep inside you there was always a mixture of yearning and love that you could not gulp back down into its place, to again forget.  All energy seeks resolution and the yearning, love energy within you is no exception.

If you question the validity or truth of your own divinity, why are you reading this information?  You came here for a reason.  That reason involves your own personal spiritual quest.  It is your adventure on Earth and the meaning of your life is there for you to discover.
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Many, having taken this path before you, are waiting to help you along the way.  All you need do is relinquish control and allow your fears to drift away, into the mist.  If fear or doubts persist, verbalize your request for help.  Help well be summoned and delivered to you in a form that you can easily accept and understand.  All you need to do is open up your heart and allow that help into your life.

How does this, your life, all turn out?  Do not ask me.  It is your life and you are free to create your own positive outcomes.  I am only here to point out that it is your choice to accept or ignore the many signs around you.  If you look with fresh eyes, listen with fresh ears and open your heart to All that Is, wisdom and truth will follow you everywhere.
One year ago this week, at midnight on September 17, 2007, the earth quietly transformed her energy state.  On that date, over three hundred Shaumbra attended the Quantum Leap Celebration in Taos, New Mexico.  Skeptics will say that scientific instruments recorded nothing and therefore nothing happened.  Some people enjoy saying that if you cannot directly measure something, it cannot be real or true. 
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Admittedly, three hundred and twenty-five sounds like a small number of people to effect a quantum change in the earth’s energy state.  However, there were far more attendees than the intrepid few mortals who found their way to Taos last fall.  Listening in for three days of live internet broadcasts, thousands more humans received tidings of a new-energy.  Beyond that, there were untold numbers of non-physical beings in attendance.  Slipping into Taos from their home dimensions, they felt what was going on and added their love and wisdom to the mix.

Other than a fireworks display and a thunderstorm that visited overnight, there was not much to prove that there had been a worldwide quantum leap in energy.  Some felt it.  Others did not.  Some were skeptical and others were true believers.  There was no correct or incorrect response.  At that time, I was somewhere between the two poles.  If you are unfamiliar with the Quantum Leap Celebration, read the two articles I wrote about it one year ago, at "The Quantum Leap" and "Hasta la vista, Taos, New Mexico". 
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The moment of the Quantum Leap was September 17, 2007 at midnight Taos, New Mexico time.  I did not stay in the auditorium that night.  Instead, I went out to dinner with friends.  By not staying in the room until midnight, I demonstrated to myself that the new, “quantumized” energy was available in all places, not just at its point of inception.  Tobias, as channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, had said that September 17, 2007 would feel like any other day.  For me, that was true.

So much has happened since then, for each of us.  Now there is a tremendous change in energy across the land.  No one knows whether fear or hope will win the day.  Even if fear wins, we can still have hope.  Hope is not dependent on the election of any one candidate.  Old-energy, as exemplified by the greed and corruption in our financial markets may soon lose power on Wall Street and in Washington, DC.  Interestingly, under the most conservative administration in memory, the U.S. is rapidly becoming a socialist state.  The U.S. government now owns the two largest corporations in the world, Fannie May and Freddie Mac, as well as AIG Insurance. Nowadays, small fry like Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros. barely warrant mention.  As we went to press with this document, the U.S. government had just injected $180 billion into the international money markets.  Just whose money was that?

This week, after twenty-eight confused and violent years, Robert Mugabe gave up power in Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe is the Heart of Africa.  Its spiritual journey towards hope and freedom, although not guaranteed, has at last begun.  Their new Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai will not prosecute Mugabe for his crimes against the state or humanity.  Mugabe’s new task is to reflect on his prior actions and their consequences for his fellow citizens and all of humanity.  From the shadows of war-torn Africa, a ray of hope now shines brightly, to All that Is.  As we encounter that ray, it penetrates our hearts and allows compassion, for Robert Mugabe, for Africa and for all of humanity.  This is true, for we are one.
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As recently stated by Deepak Chopra, we have our own shadows to deal with here in America.  Although there are no guaranteed outcomes, the tide is turning.  Regardless of who become the next president and vice president of the United States, the winds and tides of change are now rising to storm-surge levels.  If you need further proof, view post-hurricane pictures of beachfront real estate along the Texas and Louisiana coasts.

Such events are not God’s retribution for poorly lived lives.  The cause is Gaia, our own Mother Earth cleaning up her energy before she turns the whole planet over to us – the human beings.  Whether humans caused global warming or not is immaterial.  What does matter is dealing with this energy shift in such a way that we do not knowingly put millions of people back in the path of fiscal or physical disaster.  When seawater laps at the steps of the New York Stock Exchange, will the old-energy players still be ignoring the real issues of our day?