Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spammer "Good Finance Blog" is a Hoax/Scam Phishing Website

Kokopelli blows the whistle on Comment Spammer "Good Finance Blog". They are a Hoax/Scam phishing website preying on legitimate blogs worldwide - Click for larger image (

Automated Comment Spammer "Good Finance Blog" is a Hoax/Scam Phishing Website

Over the past several years, has placed hundreds of hand-entered spam comments on my blog here at Their key words are “loans, personal loans, business loans and SBA loans”.

The “Good Finance blog” is a “comment spammer” and phishing website with dedicated servers located in Luxembourg. Although they masquerade as a WordPress blog, complaints to WordPress result in immediate disavowal.

Do not let the GoodFinance Gmail address fool you. Although it appears on their website, the sole purpose of their business is to phish for your email address and other personal information.

By Googling “Goodfinance blog”, I discovered that their illiterate phishing comments appear on thousands of blogs around the world. If a blogger is inattentive, Good-Finance spam comments could easily overwhelm legitimate content.

Twice I have reported the Hoax/Scam Good Finance Gmail account to Google, but emails still go through to that address. Until Google and the European Union take comment-spam phishing websites seriously, no blogger is safe from their trash.

Meanwhile, I shall go back to my blog and delete any new spam comments placed there by our friends at “Goof Finance”.

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