Saturday, November 26, 2011

Future Stars of Cycling Race in the 24-Minutes of Moab

Jack Anobile is the 1st Strider Class 24-Minutes of Moab champ! - Click for larger image (
The 24-Hours of Moab off-road bicycle race was only four hours old, with twenty hours of racing yet to go. I was there, Behind the Rocks in Moab, Utah on October 8, 2011. With so many families in attendance this year, there was great interest in the kids’ races, better known as the “24-Minutes of Moab”. Once I had the webcam working properly, it was a pleasure to stop and watch the future stars of the cycling sport.

As I said to promoter Laird Knight after the event, “I have never seen so many kids have so much good, clean fun in the dirt.” Having kids himself, Laird paid particular attention to starting each race safely, but with some fun. Varying his starting count from race to race, Laird allowed no false starts at all. There were no reported injuries or off-course maneuvers, so his strategy must have worked.

Each race featured a “Lemans Start”, similar to the 24-HOM start, earlier that day. For the kids, there was a one-lap foot race and then a multi-lap bicycle race around the vendor tents. If you take a minute and view the video, you will see the athletes of the future racing like the wind. Performing in front of cheering fans and family, what better way is there for a kid to spend a fall afternoon in Moab?

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